Woodturning: A Foundation Course
Woodturning: A Foundation Course BWFC
A must have book for any woodturner that includes a free DVD tutorial. New projects with stunning colour photographs by Keith Rowley, coupled with the latest information makes this book a popular classic. From the Back Cover Keith Rowley’s best-selling introduction to the art of woodturning is exceptional for its friendly and methodical approach, building up the reader’s skills and...
Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Turning Wood with Richard Raffan BTW
A fully updated and expanded third edition of Raffan's 1985 classic book. From the Back Cover Thousands of novice turners have learned to turn with Turning Wood with Richard Raffan. Completely revised and updated, this classic now includes and all-new chapter on hollow vessel turning. With new techniques and up-to-date information on lathes and tools, this book is an indispensable resource for every...

Turning Hollow Forms
Turning Hollow Forms BTHF
From the Back Cover For thousands of years mankind has created hollow forms to store either everyday objects or things of value – but functional objects can also be beautiful in their own right. This comprehensive book will guide the beginner through everything they need to know to get started with turning their own hollow forms. You will learn how to work with different types of wood, which...
Turning Toys with Richard Raffan
Turning Toys with Richard Raffan BTTRR
From the Back Cover Thousands of woodturners have learned to turn with Richard Raffan’s best-selling books and videos. In this new book of 18 traditional toy projects, Raffan demonstrates the essential skill-building techniques. Step-by-step photos and drawings show how the tools are used, and Raffan provides insights into chucks and chucking that will help you work smarter and faster to produce...

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan
Turning Projects with Richard Raffan BTPRR
From the Back Cover Richard Raffan has been teaching woodworking and turning for over 35 years. He is a master at explaining the complex and sometimes confusing steps to turning in a clear and understandable way. All New Turning Projects continues this long tradition with a new collection of beautiful and useful turning projects. Each project includes complete instructions with step-by-step photos...
The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan
The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan BTATB
From the Back Cover Everyone loves a spectacular bowl. In this provocative, in-depth examination of bowl design, master turner Richard Raffan teaches how to create bowls that will delight long after the colours and figure of the wood have faded. Great bowl design is about shape. Raffan shows how to create enduring and beautiful shapes from both and artistic and practical point of view – from creating...

Turned Toys by Mark Baker
Turned Toys by Mark Baker BTTMB
If you have some woodturning experience, you can now create something truly special for your family and friends. These beautiful hand-crafted toys are as enjoyable to make as they are to play with. From the Back Cover Learn how to make beautiful hand-crafted toys and games with guidance from woodturning expert Mark Baker. This inspiring book will appeal to woodturners who are looking for projects...
Wood For Woodturners: Revised Edition
Wood For Woodturners: Revised Edition BWFW2
From the Back Cover An appropriate and imaginative choice of wood can really bring your work to life, and the more you understand about the raw material, the closer you can come to realising your vision. This book describes 42 of the world’s most important woods for turning. It has been written specifically for woodturners by expert turner Mark Baker, and goes into great detail with regard to physical...

Woodturning Projects by Mark Baker
Woodturning Projects by Mark Baker BWPS
Whether you're a seasoned turner or just starting out, you will find a plenty of inspiration in Mark Baker's Woodturning Projects: A Workshop Guide to Shapes book. Mark Baker has many years' experience as a teacher of woodturning and will guide you step-by-step through various woodturning projects. From the Back Cover This unique book is a detailed guide to both the art and the craft of woodturning....
Woodturning Wizardry: Revised Edition
Woodturning Wizardry: Revised Edition BWW
Revised edition of David Springett's best-seller, originally published in 1993, includes colour photography throughout and stunning new 3-D illustrations show cutaway views of the work in progress. From the Back Cover Spheres within spheres, stars within cubes, delicate lattices with no apparent means of support – woodturners over the centuries have developed a whole range of extraordinary structures...

Turning by Richard Raffan
Turning by Richard Raffan BTRR
From the Back Cover This step-by-step pictorial reference covers all of the essential techniques for turning wood. Organised for quick access, this book makes it easy to find exactly the technique you are looking for. Over 850 photos and drawings illustrate how to hold, sharpen, and use turning tools, use specialised chucks, deep hollow elegant vessels, finish at the lathe, and much more. Author:...