Diamond Wheel Dresser
Diamond Wheel Dresser 263215
Heavy duty diamond coated head with knurled handle.Dresses across the width of grinding wheel to give a flatter surface.Restores and prolongs the life of grinding wheels.
Mini Anvil
Mini Anvil TR595565
Cast iron anvil ideal for creating your own pyrography points, jewellery-making or small tasks requiring a small striking surface. Features 33mm horn which is ideal for shaping, and 7 x 22mm striking face.

Centre Punch
Centre Punch CP882
Brass bodied automatic centre punch with hardened tip.
Steel RuleSteel Rule
Steel Rule MT6
Precision stainless steel rule.Clear, photo-etched markings with metric and imperial graduations
from £0.75

Pointed Tip Brush Set
Pointed Tip Brush Set 675298
Pure bristle with natural wooden handles.For finishing work, painting and priming.Tip sizes from 1mm-12mm.
Round Tipped Brush Set
Round Tipped Brush Set 868848
Pure bristle with natural wooden handles.For finishing work, painting and priming.Tip sizes from 1mm-12mm.

Mixed Tip Brush Set
Mixed Tip Brush Set 282606
Pure bristle with natural wooden handles.For finishing work, painting and priming.Tip sizes from 1mm-12mm.
Professional Digital Vernier Calliper
Professional Digital Vernier Calliper 380244
Quality, stainless steel digital vernier callipers with 4-function measurement: internal, external, depth and step.Thumb wheel fine adjustment and zero setting at any position.Accurate to 0.01mm/0.0005'.

Side Cutting PliersSide Cutting Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers TR675150
Side Cutting Pliers 160mm Hardened & tempered jaws Induction-hardened cutting edges Moulded plastic handles with slip guards Length 160mm
General Purpose 3mm ScrewdriverGeneral Purpose 3mm Screwdriver
General Purpose 3mm Screwdriver TR244855
General Purpose Screwdriver. Perfect for changing points on the Peter Child's Pyrography Machine. Slotted parallel 3mm x 75mm

Needle Nose Mini Pliers
Needle Nose Mini Pliers TR250388
These Needle Nose Mini Pliers are an ideal accessory for the workshop. A great tool for a variety of tasks, including jewellery making, creating your own pyrography points and more! Hardened and tempered carbon steel jaws For accurate and detailed work 2-tone soft-grip handles Return spring handles for repetitive tasks
Hobby Hammer
Hobby Hammer TR852600
Use this hammer with the mini anvil to create your own pyrography points! Can also be used for general crafts, including jewellery-making and metal art Aluminium handle with knurled grip Weight 2.6oz (75g) Includes nylon, ball, round, flat steel, flat brass & chisel heads

Mini Wire Brush Set - 3 Piece
Mini Wire Brush Set - 3 Piece HT100
A set of 3 detail brushes. Use the brass for removing rust and dirt, stainless steel for removing paint and putty, and the nylon for dirt and dust without scratching. Ideal for cleaning hotwire pyrography pen points. Mini abrasive brush set with soft-grip rubber over-moulded handles 1 x nylon, 1 x brassed, 1 x stainless steel Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning jobs & preparation...
Rubber Mallet - White
Rubber Mallet - White 633608
Semi-hard white rubber mallet.Will not mark or discolour surfaces.Hardwood shaft.16oz.

16 Piece Hobby Knife Set
16 Piece Hobby Knife Set 251094
For delicate or demanding work. Easy to handle and extremely sharp. Includes 3 aluminium handles and detachable interchangeable ribbed grip, 11 assorted scalpels and 2 chisel tips. Handy case with integral magnetic blade storage strips.
Carpenters Pencil & Sharpener Set
Carpenters Pencil & Sharpener Set TR250227
Carpenters Pencils & Sharpener (13 Piece Set) Soft lead, oval section carpenters pencils For marking timber & other building materials Creates thick or thin lines on rough & smooth surfaces Shape prevents rolling & loss while working Sharpener supplied

Heat Gun
Heat Gun TR947560
1500W Heat Gun Heat gun with two heat settings and maximum air temperature of 500°C. For use with Scorch Marker Pen or resin. Can also be used for drying or stripping paint, shaping plastic and heat-shrink tubing or defrosting frozen water pipes. Lightweight for easy handling. Includes reduction nozzle.