Back Scratcher KitBack Scratcher Kit
Back Scratcher Kit BSK
This gold plated back scratcher is a must for everyone. Extremely practical and a joy to use! Turn a handle to the desired length and enjoy this unique aid. Supplied with a threaded end cap and leather hanging lace.
Brass Shoe HornBrass Shoe Horn
Brass Shoe Horn JBSH
The Brass Shoe Horn kit is a practical, easy-to-make project that can be used every day. Simply turn a handle and bond together to form this useful and functional aid. Each kit includes a threaded insert for mounting into a turned wooden handle and gold plated end cap with lanyard. Please note, the kit is supplied in individual parts. Some of the images show an example of what you could create...

Apple LeafApple Leaf
Apple Leaf LF
These delicate accessories give a stunning finish to turned apples and pears. Available in Gold or Silver.