Wooden Kit - Sky SurferWooden Kit - Sky Surfer
Wooden Kit - Sky Surfer WK31672
The ultimate paper (and more!) airplane model kit! Launch out of this world with the Sky Surfer! The first elastic-powered airplane launcher kit allows kids of all ages to design, make and scientifically test their designs. Explore the ways that material, wing design, launch angle, and force, affect the flight of planes! Launches planes in a repeatable and consistent way Easy to make in...
Wooden Kit - Catapult
Wooden Kit - Catapult WK28955
Originally invented by the Greeks* over 2000 years ago and widely used by the Romans in battles and sieges, the Catapult had many different methods of launching projectiles. During the Roman Empire the Catapult was refined and improved and this model represents a smaller version of a common catapult style of the time. Based on drawings and written records, this catapult re-creates the way in which...

Zen Colouring: Flowers
Zen Colouring: Flowers BZFLO
From the Back Cover Relax into the creative world of colouring. Containing a beautiful and diverse collection of illustrations, this fantastic book will allow the artist within you to shine! This edition contains artworks of flowers for you to complete using your own colour scheme. Make your artworks as simple or as complex as you like – whichever you choose, you’ll be delighted by the results....
Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Helicopter
Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Helicopter WK25616
The Aerial Screw (also known as the Helicopter) is one of Leonardo's most iconic drawings and defines an artist and inventor well ahead of his time.This working model uses a bevel gear, also from his drawings, to spin the canopy and support structure, illustrating a way Leonardo thought flight might be possible! The canopy and support structure are removeable so you can experiment with your own helicopter...

Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Catapult
Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Catapult WK25614
Catapults were first invented in Ancient Greek and Roman times, however our common idea of them is based on drawings we have from the Medieval Ages.Leonardo redesigned the catapult around 1485 and used the spring like energy stored in bent wood to give power to the swing arm. All pre-cut pieces and everything needed to make an amazing working model. Easy-to-make. Natural untreated wood from sustainable...
Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Trebuchet
Wooden Kit - Da Vinci - Trebuchet WK25618
While Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, Leonardo's take on the most powerful weapon of the time was unique - his design used one main mast, different from all others before.Based on his drawing from the Codex Atlanticus, da Vinci's trebuchet was a design likely made for the Duke of Milan in about 1482, to impress the Duke of his skills as a military engineer.While it is not known...

Wooden Kit - Dragon
Wooden Kit - Dragon WK26318
Automata are whimsical mechanical toys that have a cool, life-like movement when their crank is turned. This dragon flaps its wings, and kicks its legs up and down, while the head, neck and tail move in a graceful motion as it soars through the sky!Dragons have long captured the imagination of people around the world. In early legends with the likes of Typhon, the most deadly monster of Greek mythology,...
Wooden Kit - Flying Unicorn
Wooden Kit - Flying Unicorn WK26571
Automata are whimsical mechanical toys that have a cool, life-like movement when their crank is turned. This flying unicorn flaps its wings and kicks its legs up and down as it moves back and forth, soaring through the sky - bringing your art to life!Designed for kids of all ages to explore the principles of mechanics, get some hands-on model making skills, and celebrate the free spirit of the airbourne...

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Flight StarterFlight Starter
Flight Starter UGFS198
Aim high with an exciting and curious model from Ugears, the Flight Starter, a portable hand catapult loaded with smart mechanics and a lot of fun. The Flight Starter is a mechanical launcher for light flying airplane models, three of which you will find in the kit. The model’s one of a kind design is a pure work of imagination that produced a look resembling something from outer space –...