Screw ClampScrew Clamp
Screw Clamp TREC-SCR06
Eclipse Screw Clamp for medium to heavy duty wood working applications. Cast iron heads and nickel plated steel bar offer maximum strength 120mm Throat depth models up to 300 kgf of sustainable clamping force. The sliding head quickly sets the clamp to the required capacity Serrated grooves on the corrosion resistant nickel plated bar prevent slippage in use. Traditional wooden handle...
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Heavy Duty One Handed Bar Clamp
Heavy Duty One Handed Bar Clamp TREOHBC6-HD
Heavy Duty One Handed Bar Clamp High quality aluminium heavy duty one handed bar clamps and spreaders for a variety of wood working applications. Body is manufactured from aluminium with a carbon steel bar Throat Depth: 85mm (3 3/8") Sizes and Details EOHBC6-HD: Clamping Capacity 150mm (6") Minimum Spreading Capacity 168mm (6 5/8") Maximum Spreading Capacity 355mm...
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One-Handed Bar ClampOne-Handed Bar Clamp
One-Handed Bar Clamp TREOHBC
One handed bar clamps and spreaders for a variety of medium duty wood working applications. Carbon steel bar and reinforced nylon body for strength and durability and can achieve a sustainable clamping force up to 150kg Ideal for medium duty clamping and temporary hold down work The quick release insert trigger enables the clamps to be quickly positioned and released Easy push button system...
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Standard Retractable Utility Knife
Standard Retractable Utility Knife E1770
Standard Retractable Utility Knife A Stanley knife is an essential part of any trademan's tool kit. Retractable utility knife ideal for cutting a variety of materials and carpets, roofing felt and vinyl Blade has 4 locking positions. 0mm, 9mm, 19mm and 28mm Tightening screw to hold blade and facilitate blade change Silver powder coated Length: 155mm

Six Piece High Impact Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set
Six Piece High Impact Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set TRTT-BEWC6BCE
High Impact Through Tang Bevel Edge Wood Chisels Premium Chrome Vanadium steel for superior sharpness and edge retention. Fully forged steel core to better transfer energy from handle to blade. High impact resistant strike cap to withstand hammer impacts. Through tang for strength and durability High impact resistant steel striking cap Ergonomic soft feel handle Hardened & tempered...
Saw Tooth Setter
Saw Tooth Setter TR94-370R
Eclipse Saw Tooth Setter Used for setting teeth on resharpenable woodsaws. 7.1/4"(184mm) overall length Powder coated metal head Nickle plated anvil Soft feel rubber handle grips Knurled adjustment screw for increased torque/ Painted metal head and nickel plated anvil for rust resistance Metal handles for extra strength and durability Soft feel, non-slip rubber handle grips...