Product News: January 2024

Let's take a look at this month's Product Update! This is a chance for you to discover what we've chosen as our 'Pick of the Month', see what's trending and browse our latest arrivals and special offers.

Our Pick of the Month

Three Piece Bowl Turning Set

The NEW three piece bowl turning set comprises of two new tools and the popular Fingernail Bowl Gouge.

Set Includes:

  • Bottom Feeder Bowl Gouge (Available in 3/8″ & 1/2″) – NEW
  • 1″ Negative Rake Curved Profile Scraper – NEW
  • Fingernail Bowl Gouge (Available in 3/8″ & 1/2″)

Bottom Feeder Bowl Gouge (Available in 3/8″ & 1/2″)

  • Standard profile grind for ease of use and resharpening on the ProEdge or any Grinder system
  • Polished 60-degree bevel for smooth refined cut in the bottom of the bowl
  • 45-degree secondary bevel, giving clearance during each cut, allowing for a smooth unblemished surface

1″ Negative Rake Curved Profile Scraper

  • 1″ wide for excellent stability and control
  • 60-degree relief angle and 60-degree negative rake gives a perfect cutting edge for a great surface finish and ease of use

Currently Trending

Banksia Nut

While they are quite easy to turn, Banksia Nuts are a little dusty. When you turn these pods, instead of producing shavings you'll get a pile of a 'felt-like' substance. The seed cavities can reach well over halfway into the pod, giving turned projects a very unique appearance and texture. Some woodturners fill these voids with resin or other coloured inlay materials, while others choose to showcase the openings as a prominent design feature. 

Latest Arrivals 

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Special Offers

Limited time only

8" Wet Stone Sharpener8" Wet Stone Sharpener
Was £477.00 Now £262.35
JET 10" Grinding Wheel
Was £218.40 Now £152.88

Pen and Pencil Projects
Was £15.95 Now £8.50
Artisan Deluxe Letter Opener
Was £10.95 Now £9.31

Bolt Action Bullet PencilBolt Action Bullet Pencil
Was £13.98 Now from £11.02

Starbright Plastic Polish
Was £9.96 Now £4.98
Unicorn BookmarkUnicorn Bookmark
Was £0.96 Now £0.72


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25th January 2024

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