Product News: April 2021

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Our Pick of the Month

PRO-TEK SuperNOVA2 Chuck Bundle

The new and improved PRO-TEK SuperNOVA2 chuck is an upgraded version of the popular NOVA SuperNOVA2 chuck. The chuck body is finished with a high-quality nickel coating for a rust-resistant surface. The powerful gearing grip delivers tremendous slide holding power offering solid, vibration free performance, each time you turn.

Bundle includes:

  • PRO-TEK SuperNOVA2 Chuck
  • 50mm PRO-TEK jaws
  • 100mm jaws (Code: JS100N)
  • 130mm jaws (Code: JS130N)
  • Tilt-away T-Bar chuck key
  • 6-point T-Handle wrench and jaw fasteners
  • Woodworm screw, fastenings and cleaning cloth

Currently Trending

HollowPro™ Hollowing System

The HollowPro™ is a very easy to use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing, as well as many other woodturning operations. It helps reduce vibration and chatter when turning to support woodturning enthusiasts of all levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Fits a wide range of woodturning lathes
  • High quality components for a smooth operation
  • Suitable for all levels of woodturning
  • Unique design gives perfect tool support
  • Helps reduce Vibration & Chatter

New Arrivals

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28th April 2021

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