Happy Retirement, Barney!

The end of an era..!

Today, we celebrate ‘Our Barney’ as he leaves for retirement!

Although we don’t feel ready to let him go, we’re incredibly grateful for all of Barney’s hard work and commitment over the last 8 years.

Barney has been an integral part of our little team and his contributions will always be valued and remembered (partly because he won’t let us forget!)

Barney’s commitment and dedication are worthy of admiration, he would always go above and beyond for our customers, no matter what. A fantastic guy with a cheeky sense of humour, he will be greatly missed.

We would like to wish Barney the very best for the future! But as we’ve already discussed, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just ta’ra for now and si’thi’ later!

13th May 2021

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