Handmade Halloween Decoration Ideas

Liven up your home or party this October with these easy to make, handmade decorations. We have plenty of ideas to get you ready in time for Halloween!

Please note in the interest of safety, children must be supervised by an adult when operating tools and machinery.


Project 1: Spooky Characters

These spooky looking characters were made using our themed pyrography blanks, along with the help of a Peter Child Pyrography Machine and Posca pens to add texture and colour. Hang them on the walls, from the ceiling or use them as table decorations to bring your party back from the dead!

What we used:



Project 2: Offcut Frankenstein

You will more than likely have offcuts laying around somewhere in your workshop already! Use them as they are or cut to size to make little monsters, zombies or your very own Frankenstein. Draw your design, add a touch of colour and ta-dah – a frighteningly easy decoration done and dusted!

What we used:



Project 3: Pumpkin Blocks

A very simple concept that you can make your own! Paint a different design on each side to create a 3D puzzle, paint numbers or the words ‘trick’ and ‘treat’ to create your own gaming dice or keep it nice and simple by drawing cute or scary designs on different sides and stack them up. It’s up to yoOoOoOou!

What we used:



Project 4: Sugar Skull Spoons

Sugar skull bride and groom, perfect for Halloween or even as a wedding gift! Simply draw your design onto the spoon, and once you’re happy, start burning your design using a Pyrography Machine. Take your time when working on spoons, the shape of it can be difficult if you’re not used to it. Once you’re done, use a pencil eraser to rub out your pencil lines then finish with a lacquer. Please note, if you intend on using your decorative spoons with food, you will need to apply multiple coats of food safety finish.

What we used:



Don’t be scared to try something new! If you give any of these projects a go or come up with some creepy ideas of your own, we’d love to see your creations. Send your photos to eshop@turners-retreat.co.uk or send them to us on Facebook to be featured on our social media pages.

Happy making and happy Halloween!


Some of these project ideas were found online. We'd like to give credit and thanks for the inspiration:

13th September 2019

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