Mini Carver
Mini Carver MIN600
The Arbortech Mini Carver is a tool much appreciated by professional and amateur carvers alike. It can reach into areas, where the standard Arbortech will not work. The Mini Carver can rough shape, sculpt or sand. The compact size offers detailed carving capabilities and manoeuvrability. The Mini Carver is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers who value performance, efficiency and versatility....
Mini Carver MkIIMini Carver MkII
Mini Carver MkII MIN900
Arbortech Mini Carver MkII The Mini Carver MkII is fitted with Arbotech’s latest 1,000W motor. Whether shaping, sculpting or sanding it has plenty of power and more. The Arbortech Mini Carver is a hugely versatile power carving tool. From rough shaping to sculpting, texturing, and sanding, the Mini Carver can do it all. The Mini Carver’s narrow, extended neck offers greater access into...

Arbortech Mini ProArbortech Mini Pro
Arbortech Mini Pro MIN630
Arbortech Mini Pro Designed for use with the Arbortech Mini Carver, the Mini Pro broadens the scope of the carver and opens up new carving possibilities. The Mini Pro is a 50mm diameter blade with 2 tungsten carbide cutting teeth. These teeth are circular and rotatable, ensuring you get the maximum possible use from their edges. When eventually worn they are easy to replace. You can use this...
Precision Carving SystemPrecision Carving System
Precision Carving System PCS1000
Arbortech Precision Carving System The Arbortech Precision Carving System is designed for free form carving, sculpting, detailing and texturing. The system consists of a Universal Base, which fits onto the Arbortech Power Carving Unit or a 100mm or 115mm angle grinder with an M14 thread. Into this base you have the choice of attaching either the Ball Gouge, Barrel Carver or Drum Sander. The system...

Mini Industrial 50mm Tungsten Carbide BladeMini Industrial 50mm Tungsten Carbide Blade
Mini Industrial 50mm Tungsten Carbide Blade MIN014
Arbortech Mini Industrial Blade for Mini Carver This 50mm diameter TCT mini carving blade fits the Arbortech Mini Carver. The blade has two solid tungsten carbide teeth making it suitable for use on tough hardwoods. The diameter allows rough shaping of smaller carvings and fine details on larger pieces. The blade gives excellent visibility and access to the workpiece. The teeth are easy to...