Peter Child Pyrography MachinePeter Child Pyrography Machine
Peter Child Pyrography Machine CPYR
Get creative with pyrography. The Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine is widely regarded as the machine of choice by many professionals. Now made and developed by highly respected tool and machine manufacturer, Robert Sorby, this pyrography machine can help you create dense textures, patterns, line work and shading for the finest detail. It's the chosen choice across the world by...
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Ball Points (Pack of 3)Ball Points (Pack of 3)
Ball Points (Pack of 3) PPBP
New Peter Child Pyrography Ball Points!

Mixed Set of Ball Points (Pack of 4)
Mixed Set of Ball Points (Pack of 4) PP64
New to the Peter Child range of pyrography accessories; a mixed set of Ball Points.
Chisel Point (Pack of 2)
Chisel Point (Pack of 2) PP72
The Peter Child Chisel Point is ideal for creating parallel/straight lines, and can also be used for shading. 

Knife Point (Pack of 2)
Knife Point (Pack of 2) PP71
New Peter Child Pyrography Knife Points, ideal for feathering and hair detailing. 
Skew Point (Pack of 2)
Skew Point (Pack of 2) PP70
New Peter Child Pyrography Skew Points. Perfect for getting into tight places and for burning fine line details.

Mixed Set of Knife Points (Pack of 3)
Mixed Set of Knife Points (Pack of 3) PP73
New to the Peter Child range of pyrography accessories; a mixed set of Knife Points.
Pyrography Pen SplitterPyrography Pen Splitter
Pyrography Pen Splitter SPLITTER
Designed for use with the Peter Child Artist’s Pyrography Machine: two pen flexibility at the flick of a switch.
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Pyrography Pen
Pyrography Pen CPEN
The Peter Child pyrography pen offers extraordinary close control with an industry leading tip to grip distance of 32mm. This closer control enables you to easily create the designs and patterns you want – just like drawing with a pencil. Includes one medium wire gauge (25 SWG) point which is already attached to the pen for ease. Compatible with the Peter Child Artist's Pyrography Machine...
Screws and Nuts for Pyrography Pen
Screws and Nuts for Pyrography Pen PSN
Spare screws and nuts set for pen terminals.

Spoon Point (Pack of 10)
Spoon Point (Pack of 10) PP30
The Peter Child Pyrography Spoon point is ideal for shading and general detail work.
Fine Standard Loop (Pack of 10)
Fine Standard Loop (Pack of 10) PP10
These 26 Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) fine loops are the thinnest pyrography points available for the Peter Child machine.

Medium Standard Loop (Pack of 10)
Medium Standard Loop (Pack of 10) PP11
These Standard Loop Points are made from 25 SWG nickel chromium and are available in packs of 10. With normal use these hard wearing points will last many years. Ideal for general detail work.
Coil Point (Pack of 5)
Coil Point (Pack of 5) PP50
Coil pyrography points, perfect for heavy strokes and filling large areas.

Pyrography Wire Reel
Pyrography Wire Reel PWR
Make points to your shape and design using wire cutters and pliers. One reel can make in excess of 150 points. Hammered flat, they can be used as a blade for burning feathers, grass or fur, or file the wire to a needle point for minute detail.