Proedge - Profile Boss
Proedge - Profile Boss PEFPBOSS
The fingernail profiling kit is ideal for shaping those perfect fingernail sweeps on bowl and spindle gouges. This set contains the arm and the boss but both items are available individually.
Proedge - Skew Jig
Proedge - Skew Jig PESKEW
The Skew Jig allows the turner to accurately and safely sharpen his skew chisels.

Proedge - Square Guide
Proedge - Square Guide PESQ
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.
Proedge - System
Proedge - System PE01A
The Robert Sorby ProEdge offers effortlessly repeatable sharpening every time. Hugely versatile, this industrial strength machine is built to last and delivers astounding ‘factory finish’ results without fail. Perhaps the most simple to use sharpener on the market, this system replicates the industry standard of achieving a flat grind using the preferred method of belts over traditional grinding...

Proedge - Table
Proedge - Table PETA
ProEdge Table and Arm
ProEdge - Trizact BeltProEdge - Trizact Belt
ProEdge - Trizact Belt PETB
Perhaps our most popular range of belts this robust material is designed to handle the demands of all steels. Not strictly ‘grit sizes’ these belts are built using brick and pyramid abrasive shaping. The highest 3000 ‘grit’ size will sharpen to two microns (the same sharpness as a disposable razor blade) and provide a factory finish on all steels.

Proedge - V Block
Proedge - V Block PEVB
Allows easy sharpening of bowl and spindle gouges with a standard grind as well as spindle roughing gouges.
ProEdge - Zirconium BeltProEdge - Zirconium Belt
ProEdge - Zirconium Belt PEZB
Zirconium ProEdge Belt - these are ideal for HSS tools, drills and router bits.

Proset Jig
Proset Jig PROSET
Achieving the exact bevel angle on any fingernail or long grind gouge has never been easier than with the Robert Sorby Prose (PROSET).Place the gouge into the clamp of the profile arm and extend the gouge up-to the required stop and lock it into place.This will allow for precise and repeatable bevel angles to be obtained every time.
Record Fine Filter
Record Fine Filter DX1000
Ideal if limited by budget or if a dedicated extractor is required for a single machine. If usage changes over time there are a wide range of accessories available to increase functionality.The RSDE1 is a high filtration extractor designed to filter down to 0.5 microns to minimize the amount of harmful dust in the workshop. Particularly useful for fine dust producers such as saws or sanders. This is...

Record Power - 13" Bench Drill
Special Offer
Record Power - 13" Bench Drill DP16B
A good quality, dedicated drilling machine is an indispensable tool in any workshop. The DP16B brings this versatility, along with traditional Record Power build quality and reliability, within easy reach of the home woodworker and discerning DIY enthusiast.A wide variety of bits can be accepted and the four speeds allow for a great variety of materials to be drilled, including wood, metal, plastic...
Record Power - 9" Bandsaw
Special Offer
Record Power - 9" Bandsaw RPBS9
The BS9 is ideal for the compact workshop and for those who require a robust, reliable and powerful machine for smaller scale work. It gives exceptional performance and capacities for a bandsaw of its size and is designed for consistently effective cutting and longevity.The band wheels are dynamically balanced and are heavily built for a machine of this size, providing impressive torque and power.
Was £199.99 Now £179.99

Revolving Centre - Deluxe
Revolving Centre - Deluxe REVDXCEN
Robert Sorby Deluxe Hollow Revolving Centre 1MTThis revolving centre comes with a 60° removable point, the most popular workhorse in the range of accessories for this tool. Comes complete with convenient ejector tool. It is a high quality live centre made to last. This tool is 1 morse taper.
Revolving Centre - Kit
Revolving Centre - Kit REVKITCEN
Revolving Centre Sets comprise a high quality hollow revolving centre and seven popular accessories in a sturdy fitted storage box. These sets feature a stub morse taper fitting. Comes complete with ejector tool.

Revolving StebcentreRevolving Stebcentre
Revolving Stebcentre REVSTEBCEN
A revolutionary idea of using a revolving live centre with the head of a Stebcentre.This allows for basic off-centre work to be achieved, such as cabriolet candlesticks as well as multi-sided boxes and even small multi-sided bowls when used in conjunction with an original Stebcentre or the new Steb Drive.
from £49.40
Round Dusting Brush
Round Dusting Brush CVA25013100
For use with 2.5" extraction hose.

Sanding Belt
Sanding Belt BDSB
For use with the BDS150 Belt & Disc Sander.
Sanding Disc
Sanding Disc BDSG
Self adhesive sanding discs for BDS150.

Scrollsaw Blades - Pack of 36
Special Offer
Scrollsaw Blades - Pack of 36 SSB-3PACK
This extra value pack of 36 blades contains a selection of some of our most popular scrollsaw blades:SSB-NF1115 Pack of 12 Skip Tooth Plain End HSS 15 TPI Scroll Saw BladesSSB-NS0713 Pack of 12 Reverse Tooth Plain End HSS 13 TPI 0.70mm Scroll Saw BladesSSB-PG0840 Pack of 12 Spiral Twist Plain End HSS 40 TPI Scroll Saw Blades
Short Tool Platform with Arm
Short Tool Platform with Arm PESPC
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.

Skip Tooth Blade
Skip Tooth Blade SSB
Pack of 12 Skip Tooth blades
from £2.49
Slim Deluxe Rotating Centre
Slim Deluxe Rotating Centre SDRC
Slim, Deluxe Rotating Centre. 12mm dia. nose with 60 deg. point. Main body remains stationary while small point turns. Ideal for smaller precision work as well as general spindle turning. Triple bearing design incorporating thrust race.

Small Vacuum Bag
Small Vacuum Bag V825-20
Small vacuum bag
Spindle Adaptor 1.25-8 F 1 x 8 M
Spindle Adaptor 1.25-8 F 1 x 8 M A866
Spindle Adapters have a hole for vacuum applications. Can be used on standard non-vacuum chuck heads. Flats on extenders allow for easy removal with wrench if necessary. Each adapter includes two No Lock Spindle Washers 1 1/4" x 8tpi F to 1" x 8tpi M
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