Adapter 1 x 8 Female To 1 1/4" x 8 Male
Adapter 1 x 8 Female To 1 1/4" x 8 Male A864
Spindle Adapters have a hole for vacuum applications. Can be used on standard non-vacuum chuck heads. Flats on extenders allow for easy removal with wrench if necessary. Each adapter includes two No Lock Spindle Washers 1" x 8tpi F to 1 1/4" x 8tpi M
Adjustable Stand For DML320
Adjustable Stand For DML320 DML305A
The height of this stand is adjustable to suit any user and is suitable for the DML305 and DML305-VS lathes.

AFS Charcoal Filter
AFS Charcoal Filter AFS500C
Jet Air Filtration System Charcoal Filter to fit machine AFS500
AFS Electrostatic Filter
AFS Electrostatic Filter AFS500F
Jet Air Filtration System Main Filter.For AFS-500 Machine.

Air Filtration System
Air Filtration System AFS-500
This is a medium to large workshop filter unit which has the advantage that it can be positioned anywhere in the workshop, either on a bench, a shelf or suspended from the ceiling. The unit is easy to operate and has three speeds simply activated by the push of a button or by using the convenient remote control. It should be mounted away from ventilation and heating vents and is only suitable for non-metallic...
Bandsaw - Sabre 350 - 14"
Bandsaw - Sabre 350 - 14" SABRE350
The SABRE range of bandsaws are the next evolutionary step from the highly regarded and market-leading Record Power premium bandsaws. We have built on the success of our premium range by introducing some fantastic new features to the SABRE-350 to make a bandsaw that is more effective, accurate and easier to use than any other machine in its class. Featuring an 1100 W output (1 1/2 horsepower) motor...

Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND1712
Designed for all types of wood cutting, including contours, our Premium bandsaw blades feature a spring tempered high carbon steel blade with induction re-hardened teeth to 62HRC, providing decreased production times, better surface finish, increased fatigue resistance and longer blade life.• Ground teeth assure precision cutting, better finish and less kerf loss. High carbon steel body hardened...
Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND62
from £9.50

Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND9314
from £9.95
Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND93
from £13.29

Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND70
from £9.50
Bandsaw Blade
Bandsaw Blade BAND111
from £10.95

Bandsaw Blade - BS250 - Pack of 3
Special Offer
Bandsaw Blade - BS250 - Pack of 3 BB70-3PACK
Pack of 3 Blades for BS250 (1/4", 3/8" and 1/2")Skip tooth pattern.
Bandsaw Blade - BS300 - Pack of 3
Special Offer
Bandsaw Blade - BS300 - Pack of 3 BB93
Pack of 3 Blades for BS300 (1/4", 3/8" and 5/8")

Bandsaw Blade - BS350 - Pack of 3
Special Offer
Bandsaw Blade - BS350 - Pack of 3 BB10312
Pack of 3 Blades for BS350 (1/4", 3/8" and 3/4"). 3 pack
Was £44.99 Now £34.99
Bandsaw Blade - BS9 - Pack of 2
Special Offer
Bandsaw Blade - BS9 - Pack of 2 BB6218
Pack of 2 Bandsaw Blades for BS9 (1/4" x 6tpi, 3/8" x 6tpi)
Was £19.99 Now £16.99

Bed Extension For Dml320
Bed Extension For Dml320 DML320-E
A 20inch Cast bed extension for the Record Power DML320 Midi Lathe.
Belt And Disc Sander - 10" x 6"
Belt And Disc Sander - 10" x 6" BDS250
This heavy duty belt and disc sander has plenty of power to handle demanding sanding whilst also being capable of fine and delicate work. The solid cast iron table provides ample support and the 1 hp motor provides plenty of power to avoid stalling under pressure. Shown with optional stand
Was £429.00 Now £399.00

Bench Feet
Bench Feet 16012
To fit the Coronet Herald, giving extra height when mounted to a bench or leg stand.
Blackstone Wheel For T7 and 2000
Blackstone Wheel For T7 and 2000 SB-250
The Tormek Blackstone silicon SB-250 is designed for hard materials and fast sharpening. It delivers fast steel removal on HSS and exotic alloys and can 'touch up' tungsten carbide. The key to removing material efficiently at low rpm is very sharp grains with high hardness and relatively fine grit size. The SB-250 is made in the same grit size as the original Tormek grindstone and can be graded with...

Bowl Reversing Spare Screws
Bowl Reversing Spare Screws RSJBRSSK
Robert Sorby Bowl Reversing Jaws Spare Screw Kit
Box Scraper Platform
Box Scraper Platform 768
This modular tool rest system enables the turner to build up a collection of tool rests without going to great expense. Six different rests are available: 4", 6" and 9" as well as a 9" curved internal and external and a box platform which can be used in conjunction with just one stem. Cross bars are specially hardened to avoid those troublesome nicks and to give a smooth finish. Stems are available...

BS350S - 14" - Bandsaw
BS350S - 14" - Bandsaw BS350S
With a cast iron table at the heart of this compact machine it is designed to offer those with limited space or budgets a real bandsaw with sensible capacity and performance, as an alternative to lightweight hobby machines. The BS250 should not be confused with the lightweight hobby machines available in the market at a similar price. It shares the same essential build qualities as its larger cousins...
Camvac - 2.5 Standard Tool Kit
Camvac - 2.5 Standard Tool Kit CKV250-100
A 2 1/2" standard tool kit
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