Compatriot Chuck 1 1/2" x 6
Compatriot Chuck 1 1/2" x 6 RSPCCOMH
The versatility of the Patriot chuck is demonstrated by its availability without jaws in three formats. Known as the Compatriot chuck these are the: RSPCOM, RSPCOMN34 and RSPCOMMH. Jaws from other chuck manufacturers fit this system but please contact Robert Sorby to be sure of appropriate fittings.
Compatriot Chuck N34
Compatriot Chuck N34 RSPCCOMN34
The versatility of the Patriot chuck is demonstrated by its availability without jaws in three formats. Known as the Compatriot chuck these are the: RSPCOM, RSPCOMN34 and RSPCOMMH. Jaws from other chuck manufacturers fit this system but please contact Robert Sorby to be sure of appropriate fittings.

Crevice Tool
Crevice Tool CVA25014100
For use with 2.5" extraction hose
Cross BarCross Bar
Cross Bar 766
These crossbars are case hardened to avoid those irritating little nicks, so that your tool moves along smoothly.Available in 4", 6" and 9" lengths.
Was £22.00 Now from £16.15

Diamond Truing Tool
Diamond Truing Tool TT-50
With this unique tool, Tormek TT-50, you can true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat.It mounts and locks instantly on the Tormek Universal Support.The tool is guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs.This ensures that the stone surface is always parallel to the tool fitted in the jig.
Dml320 Record Lathe
Dml320 Record Lathe DML320
The new DML320 lathe offers fantastic value for money, being compact and powerful yet with very generous capacities for a medium sized lathe, giving woodturners the chance to own a high quality variable speed machine at an unbeatable price. The solid cast iron bed, tailstock and headstock offer superb stability, even when turning items at the limits of the lathe’s considerable capacities. At the...

Drive Centre
Suitable for all types of spindle work.Integral points will not work loose. Removable with extractor ring. 4 prong for squared spindle ends, 2 prong for out of square spindle ends.
from £16.25
Eccentric Chuck
Eccentric Chuck ECCENTRIC
The Robert Sorby Eccentric Chuck is the most sophisticated chuck for multi-centre turning.Ease and accuracy of adjustment (without removing the workpiece from the chuck) is provided by the unique offset boss which accommodates the three different driving components on which to mount your workpiece, viz:- 1- Screwchuck 2 - Ball drive and socket 3 - Faceplate The full system is housed in a fitted, rigid...
Was £234.00 Now from £231.95

Exert NEX
To enable Patriot chucks with a standard thread to fit large spindle lathes.
Was £46.50 Now £44.25
Extension Tube For Tool Kit
Extension Tube For Tool Kit CVA25011100
Two lengths of black ducting for use with 2.5" extraction systems.

Faceplate For Viper 2
Faceplate For Viper 2 V2FP
Face Plate Ring for Viper2 Chuck.The face plate ring has a 65mm outside diameter and has a dovetail shaped inside which can be gripped by using the standard Viper2 jaws.The face plate ring has 8 countersunk screw holes and is used instead of a threaded face plate so that you do not have to remove the chuck form the lathe to mount a bowl blank.The face plate ring can be used on any chuck capable of...
Faceplate RingFaceplate Ring
Faceplate Ring FACERING
Designed with an internal dovetail to fit securely on to the standard 2" (50m) jaws.These rings work in the same way as normal faceplates but with the convenience of the easy chuck fitting.Available with an outer diameter of 3 1/8" (80mm) and 4 3/4" (120mm).
from £17.15

Filter Cage Black
Filter Cage Black CVG310-100
Filter Cage Black
Filter Cartridge - Cx2500 - Fine
Filter Cartridge - Cx2500 - Fine 25600
Spare fine filter for CX2500

Flexible Connector 20mm - 60mm
Flexible Connector 20mm - 60mm CVA10050102
This extremely flexible dual-purpose adaptor can be used either as a stepped power tool adaptor or to create a bespoke dust extraction port.If the dust producing machine has no extraction port, this adaptor can be attached using the four screw holes in the flange, allowing a suitable hose to be connected to it.The adaptor can also be used to connect directly to a 2.5" diameter extraction system and...
Floor Brush
Floor Brush CVA25015100
For use with 2.5" extraction hose

Fume Extractor
Fume Extractor FE5920
A mains-powered unit for the filtration and removal of soldering and other fumes from the immediate vicinity of the user.When soldering in the workplace or classroom, it is advisable to have some kind of fume extraction or fume filtering system.The unit removes fumes safely and efficiently by drawing the air through replaceable carbon filters.Simply place the filter close to the work area and switch...
Fume Extractor Filters - Pack of 2
Fume Extractor Filters - Pack of 2 FE5920F
Spare filter for Anvil Fume Extractor

FUSION2 - Fusion 2 1.75Hp Table Saw
FUSION2 - Fusion 2 1.75Hp Table Saw FUSION2
The new Laguna F2 and F3 Table Saws are unlike any saw on the market. Having the same quality demands earned through the original fusion table saw, the new fusion line will not only impress but exceed the expectations you have come to expect from Laguna. With a completely redesigned trunnion and arbor controls that focuses on buttery smooth controls and longevity of the saw, we are sure this is the...
FUSION3 - Fusion 3 3Hp Table Saw
FUSION3 - Fusion 3 3Hp Table Saw FUSION3
The Laguna F3 Fusion Tablesaw is the next step up from the F2 Model, making it an even more robust machine with greater quality and power. The F3 is everything you could want in an industrial tablesaw and more! Large 3HP Motor on 220V Large Industrial Cabinet Solid Cast Iron Trunnion Electromagnetic Contactor Professional Arbor Controls Top 10 Features Newly designed precision...

Gripper Buttons with Hardware
Gripper Buttons with Hardware LSC5
Gripper buttons with hardware for Longworth style chucks
Gripper Buttons without Hardware
Gripper Buttons without Hardware LSC6
Gripper Buttons For Longworth Chuck

Herald Cast Iron Lathe
Herald Cast Iron Lathe 16007
This brand new lathe from Record Power represents the culmination of many decades of expertise in the manufacture and supply of superior woodturning lathes. Developed with the help of professional woodturners and keen hobbyists, we believe we have produced a world-class machine for woodturners of all levels. Thanks to a number of innovative design solutions the capabilities, features and performance...
Hollow Roller System - Unhandled
Hollow Roller System - Unhandled HR-1000U
The hollow roller is a torque arrestor tool rest which attaches to the lathe through the users existing banjo, an auxiliary height adjustable tool rest and the unique profile Hollow Roller boring bar (3/4 quarter round diameter) with high speed steel scraper bit. The only other parts needed are the Hollow Roller stud adaptor to fit your size lathe banjo and a desire to create unique artful vessels...
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