Decorative Techniques DVD
Decorative Techniques DVD RSDVDDT
Focus on Decorative Techniques with Robert Sorby Inspiring, instructive, and informative Focus on Decorative Techniques with Robert Sorby opens up a whole world of decoration for the woodturner who wishes to add that extra character to their work. It introduces several unique tools for texturing, spiralling, and chatterwork as well as first steps in the exciting world of off-centre turning. Packed...
Starting Out Woodturning DVD
Starting Out Woodturning DVD RSDVDSO
Tool selection, use and care, wood selection and finishing are just some of the topics covered as the viewer is taken through some initial steps in starting out woodturning. It is a must for those who are new to woodturning and are looking for help and guidance. 100 minutes.

Specialist Woodturning Tools DVD
Specialist Woodturning Tools DVD RSDVDST
Focus on Specialist Woodturning Tools Part 1 & 2 Robert Sorby leads the way in turning tool innovation, manufacturing a wide range of popular specialist tools. In this film, you will learn how to use, care, and sharpen various multi-tipped hollowing tools, decorating tools and finishing tools. The part of the film highlights the numerous features offered by Robert Sorby’s specialist...
Thread Cutting & Eccentric Chuck DVD
Thread Cutting & Eccentric Chuck DVD RSDVDTCEC
50 mins.A unique instructional DVD showing you how to form internal & external threads.This is a must for anyone making an initial attempt to cut threads on turned projects.Several projects are shown in depth.