445-447 Upgrade Kit
445-447 Upgrade Kit 445U
Accurately sharpen a range of woodworking and woodturning tools by upgrading your Universal Sharpening System ? Fingernail Profiler (445) into the Deluxe system. The addition of the adjustable platform opens the door to tool sharpening accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork. Simply screw the adjustable platform onto your existing frame and you?re ready to go. A range of jigs are available when used with...
446-447 Upgrade Kit
446-447 Upgrade Kit 446U
Sharpen those awkward bowl and fingernail gouges with precision by upgrading your Universal Sharpening System ? Adjustable Platform (446) into the Deluxe system. This simple upgrade kit includes the fingernail profiling arm, boss and cross bar. Slide the cross bar into place on your existing frame, drop the fingernail profiling arm into the boss and you?re ready to go. <b. The addition of the Long...

Deluxe Universal Sharpening System
Deluxe Universal Sharpening System 447
By far the most popular option is the Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (ref. 447) which combines the best features of the Fingernail Profiler (ref. 445) and the Universal Sharpening System (ref. 446). The reason is that in one unit there is the option of a wide range of woodworking tools. It is compact, flexible, solidly constructed and easy to use. It takes all the guesswork out of returning tools...
Fingernail Jig Profiler
Fingernail Jig Profiler 445
A simple device which enables the recreation of fingernail profiles on gouges.

Grinding Jig
Grinding Jig 446
The Universal Sharpening System (ref. 446) simplifies the sharpening of more square or rectangular tools, like bench chisels, plane irons and turners? scrapers. There are also some optional extra jigs which also make it ideal for roughing gouges and skew chisels. The System itself is adjustable for height and so can be used in conjunction with a 6", 7" or 8" bench grinder. The angle of the platform...
Jig Adaptor Table
Jig Adaptor Table 447JAT
A slotted table to fit onto the 446, 447 and ProEdge to take a range of sharpening jigs.