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Did you know the average bowl gouge cuts through around nine miles of timber for every bowl* turned? With this amazing workload its a little wonder that woodturning tools need to be extremely resilient. Robert Sorby put their tools through to the mill to ensure reliability, toughness and edge retention are second to none. So you can be sure when they go that extra mile - they mean business! Robert Sorby's new Excelsior range combines premium quality high speed steel (HSS) with the latest titanium nitride (TiN) plasma coating technology. The breakthrough bonded coating provides extraordinary life to any cutting edge and redces surface friction for a smoother more refined cut. When coated on flawless, triple tempered HSS, cutting edge hardness is increased to a Rockwell equivalent of between 85-90. The result is a tool that sharpens easily and has a durability and cutting edge that outperforms even tungsten carbide. Available in a range of hard working tools and cutters, the new Excelsior range is a must for every discerning woodturner's collection. *Calculated using a 12" diameter bowl (radius x pi x rpm x time)

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