Chestnut - Carnauba Wax Stick
Chestnut - Carnauba Wax Stick CCWS
Typical uses A very tough, hardwearing finish mainly used on small items Method of application Hold the stick against the revolving work, using the heat generated to melt the wax allowing it to transfer to the wood.Buff up with Safety Cloth afterwards Drying time Virtually instant Coverage Impossible to quantify - a little goes a long way! Compatibility Use over any of the Chestnut...
Chestnut - Microcrystalline Wax - Stick
Chestnut - Microcrystalline Wax - Stick CMWS
During a demo some time ago we were asked why we didn?t have a stick version of our Microcrystalline Wax ? and we couldn?t think of a good answer why not so we went ahead and made one!This is the same wax we use in the tinned version of Microcrystalline Wax but in a solid block form with no solvent. This means there?s no waiting around for it to dry before buffing it.Like the original version, this...

Chestnut - Woodturners Wax Stick
Chestnut - Woodturners Wax Stick CWSW
A solid stick, rich in beeswax and carnauba wax in a non harmful solvent making a soft paste.Very easy to use.EN71, safe for use on toys.
Purified Beeswax - 25g
Purified Beeswax - 25g PB25
100% pure beeswax for making furniture polish and lubricating draw runners.