Liberon - Water Based Dye - Green
Liberon - Water Based Dye - Green LGWBD
Can be added to water based dyes, varnishes and paints to create individual colours. Fade and light resistant. All colours are intermixable. Acrylic formula
Rydenor - Antique Wax - Black
Rydenor - Antique Wax - Black RWBL
There are very few black polishes on the market and this one fills the gap most favourably.Made to the same recipe as the Rydenor Clear Wax, but includes a black earth pigment.It is extremely useful when used on old furniture or for use when distressing.

Rydenor - Antique Wax - Brown
Rydenor - Antique Wax - Brown RWBR
This is an ideal polish for walnut and mahogany, especially if it has become tired or faded.Based on the Rydenor Clear Wax, this polish puts a sparkle back into the wood.
Rydenor - Clear Wax
Rydenor - Clear Wax RWC
An excellent hard wax for use on all woods, including pine, with any type of finish.It is especially useful for full gloss French polish and gloss lacquer finishes, which some other polishes will not compliment.

Rydenor - Restor -er Wax
Rydenor - Restor -er Wax RWR
When furniture has been neglected or newly renovated, this wax will help build up the patina more quickly than normal polishes.By using this wax you will very quickly ensure a beautiful deep polish finish.