Texturing & Spiralling Course - Full Payment

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Creating barley twists, spirals, flutes, striations, whorls and orange peel effect has always represented a problem for the woodturner. The course not only overcomes many of these difficulties, but also allows the turners imagination to run wild as they enter a new field of decoration. Bowls, boxes, goblets, candlesticks and many other objects could all be enhanced once you have mastered this tool. This course will help you create some stunning effects that will alter the tactile and visual appearance of your turning.

If you have a special bowl that you would like to texture, you are welcome to bring it along, otherwise all materials will be supplied throughout the course so you have something to take away decorated with your new found skill. This course is designed to enhance your woodturning skills, and requires the student to have a reasonable level of skill as time in producing the bowls and spindles will be short in order to maximise the time available on creating the decoration.

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