16" Sovereign System

Product Overview

Sovereign is a new handle system for woodturners. Like all other Robert Sorby products it is made in Sheffield to the most exacting engineering standards. Sovereign is the name of the interchangeable handle and is available in two lengths - 16" and 22".\n\nThe handles are made of aluminium and alloy in combination to give the best of strength, balance and vibration dampening qualities. Each handle comes with a durable Softex grip for extra comfort. Additional knurling provides a further non-slip surface. Both handles will take turning chisels with a 5/8" diameter shaft. Also included are 3/8" and 1/2" collets to accept tools with those diameters thereby allowing the turner to use his Sovereign for a whole host of different chisels (Note: American-made tools are measured by bar diameter whilst European brands are measured by flute size. Hence the 3/8" collet is designed for a European 1/4" gouge, and the 1/4" collet for a 3/8" gouge whilst the 1/2" gouge will fit directly into the handle ).The Sovereign handles and collet system are ideal for quick change from one tool to another. At the same time they enable the turner to lengthen or shorten the tool length.

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