Pentacryl Preservative
Pentacryl Preservative PE
Wood stabiliser.Revolutionary new product displaces water and moisture from wood.Prevents green wood from splitting and cracking when quick drying.Wood dries quickly and evenly and does not stain.Once dried, the wood can be finished with water or oil-based finishes.Non-toxic, acts better with total immersion, but can also be used with a brush.Allows you to turn that favourite piece of wood without...
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Polycryl PreservativePolycryl Preservative
Polycryl Preservative PO
Fills and strengthens soft or spalted wood, which might not otherwise turn.Enables stunning pieces to be created.Dries clear.Water soluble.Made in USA.
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Wood Juice - 32 Fl. oz
Wood Juice - 32 Fl. oz WJ
A lighter version of Pentacryl which has been developed to stabilize dry or semi-dry timber as well as green wood.Can also used in place of Pentacryl on green wood that is cut into small sizes, so makes it ideal for pen blanks and knife handles.Wood Juice will rejuvenate old, dry wood.It will not migrate into the wood and contains no silicon, wax or mineral oil.Use on unfinished wood for best results.Wood...