AZ Carbide Ltd Pro HoggerAZ Carbide Ltd Pro Hogger
AZ Carbide Ltd Pro Hogger ST-PRH
End grain hollowing can be a chore with the high speed steel cutters that come with most hollowing systems. The “Pro-Hogger™” a 3/16 round bar that holds a Hogger 6 shear cup cutter (RD6S1). The system also comes with an adapter and a 10/32 screw. This allows you to retro fit this system to almost all captive hollowing systems. Mounted on a round bar enables the cutter to be rotated to any...
AZ Carbide Ltd Little HoggerAZ Carbide Ltd Little Hogger
AZ Carbide Ltd Little Hogger ST-LH
The “Little Hogger™” uses the latest technology to set the 30 deg angle of the 6mm shear cup cutter . This angle allows for repetitive cuts. This angle produces the smoothest of pull cuts. The “Little Hogger™” is designed to fit most hollowing systems in the market today, including the Robert Sorby Multi Tip Hollowing Tools RS200KT and RS230KT Kit Includes: 3/16 bar Hogger 6...

AZ Carbide Ltd - RD6S1 6mm Shear Cup Carbide Cutter
AZ Carbide Ltd - RD6S1 6mm Shear Cup Carbide Cutter RDS61
6mm diameter Shear Cup Cutter suitable for the Pro-Hogger and Little Hogger 2.35mm thick 7" cutter angle Also suitable for: Osprey #1 Hercules Hunter Tools Jackosky Hollow pro Rocket JT Tools Hunter Retrofit Jimmy Clewes Mate 1