Honing Compound - Ultra Fine
Honing Compound - Ultra Fine TW475
150g ultra-fine honing compound from Robert Sorby
Metal Back Plate For Proedge
Metal Back Plate For Proedge PEBPLATE
ProEdge Back Plate

ProEdge - Plus System
ProEdge - Plus System PED01A
This deluxe model of the Robert Sorby ProEdge contains 3 additional jigs which makes it ideal for a woodturner. Replacement belts are readily available. Includes: - 1 x Aluminium Oxide 120 (PE120A) sharpening belt. - 1 x Zirconium 60 (PE60Z) sharpening belt. - 1 x Skew Jig (PESKEW) - 1 x Standard Gouge Jig (PEVB) - 1 x Fingernail Profiler (446/447UPG) Technical details - Motor: 1/2hp - Surface...