Beech Chopping Board
Beech Chopping Board J50205
A rectangular beech chopping board to keep your work surfaces clean.Burn your own design and personalise the chopping board to create a unique gift for you or a loved one.Size: 350 x 250 x 15mm
Chopping Board - Heart Shaped
Chopping Board - Heart Shaped J50209
A heart shaped chopping board

Corkscrew J30204
For those after dinner moments, an attractive corkscrew.
Egg CupEgg Cup
Our most popular item for pyrographers, with a 40mm opening and a depth of 30mm, it provides adequate room for most eggs.

Nutcracker - Hornbeam
Nutcracker - Hornbeam J30203
For those after dinner moments, an attractive nutcracker.
Solid Rolling Pin
Solid Rolling Pin J50206
A rolling pin just like your mother used to have.For all your pastry needs.

Wooden SpoonWooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon SPOON
These spoons are made specially for us and are of the highest quality.10" long (250mm long x 50mm spoon width)
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