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6" Wheel for RSBG6 - White SRSBG6-12A
40mm wide aluminium oxide wheel ideal for tool sharpening.
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8" - Wheel For RSBG8 - White SRSBG8-12A
40mm wide aluminium oxide wheel ideal for tool sharpening.

Proedge - Plus System
Proedge - Plus System PED01A
This deluxe model contains 3 additional jigs which make it ideal for the woodturner.Replacement belts are readily available.Complimentary CD presentation is available upon request.Includes: 1 x Aluminium Oxide 120 (PE120A) sharpening belt.1 x Zirconium 60 (PE60Z) sharpening belt.1 x Skew Jig (PESKEW) 1 x Standard Gouge Jig (PEVB) 1 x Fingernail Profiler (446/447UPG)
Proedge - System
Proedge - System PE01A
The Robert Sorby ProEdge offers effortlessly repeatable sharpening every time. Hugely versatile, this industrial strength machine is built to last and delivers astounding ‘factory finish’ results without fail. Perhaps the most simple to use sharpener on the market, this system replicates the industry standard of achieving a flat grind using the preferred method of belts over traditional grinding...

Proedge - Cabinet
Proedge - Cabinet PECAB
This lightweight cabinet accompanies the ProEdge sharpening system.Ideal for workshops and sheds this space-saving storage unit means you can keep all your equipment in one easily accessible place.Cabinet Size: 35" height x 18" depth x 19" width.ProEdge machine not included.
Proedge - Table
Proedge - Table PETA
ProEdge Table and Arm

ProEdge - Aluminium Oxide BeltProEdge - Aluminium Oxide Belt
ProEdge - Aluminium Oxide Belt PEAOB
Aluminium Oxide ProEdge Belt - these are ideal for sharpening bench chisels, carving tools and plane irons.
ProEdge - Ceramic BeltProEdge - Ceramic Belt
ProEdge - Ceramic Belt PECB
Ceramic ProEdge Belt - Ceramic is especially hardwearing and long lasting for heavy material removal.

ProEdge - Zirconium BeltProEdge - Zirconium Belt
ProEdge - Zirconium Belt PEZB
Zirconium ProEdge Belt - these are ideal for HSS tools, drills and router bits.
ProEdge - Trizact BeltProEdge - Trizact Belt
ProEdge - Trizact Belt PETB
Perhaps our most popular range of belts this robust material is designed to handle the demands of all steels. Not strictly ‘grit sizes’ these belts are built using brick and pyramid abrasive shaping. The highest 3000 ‘grit’ size will sharpen to two microns (the same sharpness as a disposable razor blade) and provide a factory finish on all steels.

Proedge - Skew Jig
Proedge - Skew Jig PESKEW
The Skew Jig allows the turner to accurately and safely sharpen his skew chisels.
446-447 Upgrade Kit
446-447 Upgrade Kit 446U
Sharpen those awkward bowl and fingernail gouges with precision by upgrading your Universal Sharpening System – Adjustable Platform (446) into the Deluxe system. This simple upgrade kit includes the fingernail profiling arm, boss and cross bar. Slide the cross bar into place on your existing frame, drop the fingernail profiling arm into the boss and you’re ready to go. <b. The addition of the...

Proedge - V Block
Proedge - V Block PEVB
Allows easy sharpening of bowl and spindle gouges with a standard grind as well as spindle roughing gouges.
Proedge - Square Guide
Proedge - Square Guide PESQ
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.

Woodworkers Square Guide
Woodworkers Square Guide PESQW
The square guide raises the tool away from the tool platform.Using a set square or triangle adjust the bar to ensure a perfectly accurate position for sharpening all your chisels and plane blades.
Short Tool Platform with Arm
Short Tool Platform with Arm PESPC
Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel.

Tip Holder
Tip Holder 472
A handy little accessory which will accept most Robert Sorby cutters.It avoids skinning fingers when sharpening.Tip not included.
Turnmaster - Tip Holder
Turnmaster - Tip Holder RSTM-TH
No more ground finger ends, just bolt your tips to aid with sharpening.

Proedge - Honing Wheel Arbor
Proedge - Honing Wheel Arbor PEARBOR
Honing wheel arbor to fit the ProEdge machine.
Proedge - Honing Wheel
Proedge - Honing Wheel PEBOND
Honing wheel to fit the ProEdge machine.

Proedge - Pigtail Mandrel
Proedge - Pigtail Mandrel PEPIG
Pigtail mandrel to fit the ProEdge machine.
Proedge - Buffing Mop
Proedge - Buffing Mop PEMOP
Buffing mop to fit the ProEdge machine.

Honing Compound - Ultra Fine
Honing Compound - Ultra Fine TW475
150g ultra-fine honing compound from Robert Sorby
Knife Sharpening JigKnife Sharpening Jig
Knife Sharpening Jig PEKJIG
Continuing with their innovative new products, Robert Sorby has introduced a Knife sharpening jig as an extremely useful accessory for the very popular ProEdge Ultimate Sharpening system.The Knife sharpening jig consists of a new back plate with a raised wear plate attached, a universal arm, a choice between a small or large knife holder and a set of instructions.The jig can be fitted to the ProEdge...
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