One of the features of Craft Supplies is the woodturning demonstrations we hold here at Faraday Close, Harworth.

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Richard Raffan - Saturday 18th August

Since 1973 Richard Raffan's work has been acquired for public and private collections in America, Europe and Australia. Thousands of woodturners learned the craft from Richard's classic books and videos. Since the late 1970's woodturners around the globe have been influenced by Richard's techniques and artistry.

As a teacher and writer Richard Raffan is renowed for his concise explanations of exactly how he uses his gouges, skews, chisels, scrapers and chucks.

Watch Richard Raffan at work on a lathe and you'll see how he overcomes problems that confront all woodturners - and you might be surprised to learn how much you didn't know you didn't know.

Richard began turning wood in 1970 after a successful career in the London Wine trade. Richard was never a hobby turner, but by 1975 his bowls (both utilitatian and decorative), his scoops and boxes had earned him an international reputation - years before woodturning became the popular craft it is today.

Richard Raffan will be doing three masterclasses over the day. Sessions are priced at £8.00 per person per session or £20 to attend all three sessions. 

Places are limited and pre-booking is essential

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