Pen Making Instructions

Cigar and Ultra Cigar Pens
Cigar Pen (product ref: FCP)
Cigar Pen Chrome (product ref: CFCP)
Ultra Cigar Pen (product ref: UCFP)
Ultra Cigar Pen Chrome (product ref: UCFCP)

7mm Pencil
7mm pencil (product ref: SPP & PPD)
Deco pencil (product ref: DPS)
Greek key pencil (product ref: GKPS)

Baron Rollerball & Fountain Pen
Baron Sterling Sliver & Baron rollerball (product ref: SSBRP & BRP)
Baron Sterling Silver & Baron fountain (product ref: SSBFP & BFP)

Cambridge Rollerball & Fountain Pen
Cambridge Fountain pen (product ref: CFP)
Cambridge Rollerball pen (product ref: CRP)

Flashlight Pen
Flashlight pen (product ref: FLP)

Flat Top Pencil
Flat top Chrome pencil (product ref: CFTPS)
Flat top Premium pencil (product ref: FTPS)

Flat Top Push Pen
Flat Top Push Pen (product ref: PPFTP)

Flat Top Roller Ball and Fountain Pen
Flat Top Rollerball (product ref: FR, CFR & PSR)
Flat Top Fountain pens (product ref: FFP, CFFP & SF)

Flat Top Twist Pen
Flat Top Twist Pens (product ref: FTP & CFTP)

Greek Key & Deco Pencil
Greek Key pencils (product ref: GKPS)
Deco Pencils (product ref: DPS)

Greek Key & Deco Pen
Greek Key pen (product ref: GKP)
Deco Pens (product ref: DP)

Round Top Rollerball & Fountain Pen
Round Top Rollerball (product ref: ESR)
Round Top Fountain pens (product ref: ESF)

Sierra Button Gold & Chrome Pen
Sierra Button Click pens (product ref: GSP & CSP)

Retro Pen
(product ref: REP)

Round Top 7mm
(product ref: RT7 & BTRT)

Euro Round Top
(product ref: RET)

Round Top Pencil
(product ref: RTP)

Streamline Pen
(product ref: S7P & CS7P)


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