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1" - 25mm - Aluminium Oxide Discs 411
Abrasive Discs (Pack of 10)
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2" - 50mm - Aluminium Oxide Discs 412
Velcro Sanding Discs (10 pack)
from £3.85

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3" - 75mm - Aluminium Oxide Discs 413
Velcro Sanding Discs (10 pack)
from £5.95
Lemon Oil
Lemon Oil LO10
An oil specially developed to leave a matt finish with no build up of resins.It will not darken the wood, leaving it with a totally natural feel and appearance.Food safe.

The Sandmaster is an essential part of every turner's tool kit.It comes with 5 different grits of abrasive to take even the roughest projects to a glass-like finish every time.It avoids an uneven finish often associated with hand sanding and there is no danger of catching hands on the revolving project.There is little to no surface damage/head build-up, as there is with power sanding and there is no...
Velcro Sponge PadVelcro Sponge Pad
Velcro Sponge Pad VELPAD
Velcro spongepads for the Robert Sorby Sandmaster.
from £9.95