Course - Woodturning
Course - Woodturning WOODTURN
Held at our store in Doncaster, enjoy two days of hands on woodturning with our professional Tutor, Mick Hanbury. This course is suitable for people of all woodturning levels from the very beginner up to the advanced woodturner. Over the two days you will learn how to pick the correct tool for your work, wood selection and basic sharpening. Everything on the day is supplied for you, all you need to...
from £20.00
Course - Pen Turning
Course - Pen Turning PENTURN
Held at our store in Doncaster this is a one day hands on course with our pen turning tutor, Mick Hanbury. No prior knowledge is needed on this course but having done some woodturning is an advantage. The course covers tool and material selection, kit styles, setting out and drilling, mandrel and bushing systems right through to presentation of your finished pen or pencil. Normally, you would make...
from £20.00

Course - Pyrography
Course - Pyrography PYROGRAPHY
Duration: 1 Day Held at our store in Doncaster this is a one day hands on course with our tutor. No prior knowledge is needed just the desire to learn! Learn how to add decorative effects to your work or how to decorate different items to give them a personal touch. You will have the opportunity to use hot wire machines and solid point machines to find which best suits you plus at the end of the course...
from £20.00
Course - Sharpening
Course - Sharpening SHARPENING
Duration: Half Day (3-4 Hours) This course will show you the different equipment on the market to help you sharpen your tools with ease.Our tutor, Mick Hanbury, will show you different techniques to get the best edge on your tools.Fetch a few of your tools along and have a go at sharpening with Mick.The better the edge is on your tools the better your work will be.To top this great course off you will...
from £50.00

Big Book Of Pyrography Projects
Big Book Of Pyrography Projects BBPP
If you've ever wanted to take up the creative art of pyrography, here's the perfect place to start. Big Book of Pyrography Projects is packed with tips, tricks and inspiration. All you need is this big book and an inexpensive woodburning tool to start adorning wood, paper, gourds and more with beautifully burned images and patterns. Leading pyrography artists and authors show you how to complete 23...
Book - Carving Wood Spirits Beyond The Basics
Book - Carving Wood Spirits Beyond The Basics BCWS
Carving Wood spirits: Beyond the Basics is a step-by-step tutorial on how to carve a detailed wood spirit face on a walking stick.Most steps provide expanded knowledge on not only how to make each cut but why.The principles taught in this book can easily be applied to virtually any face carving project, realistic or caricature.This book goes beyond some of the basic face carving instructions taught...

DVD - Focus On - Decorative Techniques
DVD - Focus On - Decorative Techniques RSDVDDT
This is an authoritative presentation on various aspects of decorating turned pieces. It includes the use and care of decorating Robert Sorby texturing tool, spiralling system, indexing system, chattertool and eccentric chuck for off-centre turning. 75 minutes.
Book - Contemporary Woodturning
Book - Contemporary Woodturning BCWT
This clearly illustrated practical guide to woodturning is aimed at woodworkers at all skill levels.Experienced or a complete novice, this book offers an insight into all aspects of woodturning with step-by-step techniques.14 projects fill this book with detailed photography and instructions.191 pages.

DVD - Focus On - Proedge
DVD - Focus On - Proedge RSDVDPE
This Robert Sorby Sharpening DVD using the ProEdge ultimate sharpening system is a must have for anyone wanting to keep a sharp cutting edge on any of their tools.After a full introduction on the ProEdge with all its optional jigs and accessories the DVD is split into chapters for easy reference.The chapters show how to sharpen basic woodturning tools as well as a section on more difficult grinds such...
Book - Great Book of Woodburning
Book - Great Book of Woodburning BGBW
Enjoy the experience of creating stunning pyrography art.Discover skill-building exercises to help you master temperature, stroke, texture and layering.Step-by-step instructions and 30 patterns for beginners to advanced.192 pages.

DVD - Focus On - Specialist Woodturning
DVD - Focus On - Specialist Woodturning RSDVDST
See how to make the most of the Hollomaster, Chattertool, Spindlemaster, Multi Tip Hollowing Tool, and Sandmaster. Each product demonstrated and explained. Includes advice on sharpening. 50 minutes.
Book - How To Carve A Wood Fellow
Book - How To Carve A Wood Fellow BHCW
40 pages.This book takes you through the process of carving a woodfellow in a Pine knot.Clear and easy to understand text and photographs.

DVD - Focus On - Thread Cutting
DVD - Focus On - Thread Cutting RSDVDTCEC
50 mins.A unique instructional DVD showing you how to form internal & external threads.This is a must for anyone making an initial attempt to cut threads on turned projects.Several projects are shown in depth.
Book - K Rowley Foundation Course Book
Book - K Rowley Foundation Course Book BWFC
168 pages.New projects with stunning colour photographs, coupled with the latest information makes this an even more popular classic.A must have for any woodturner.

DVD - Making A Peppermill
DVD - Making A Peppermill DVDTS
American Ted Sokolowski specialises in making exquisite peppermills.His first DVD is a complete course on making a peppermill and matching salt shaker or salt mill with a strong emphasis on design elements for the woodturner.From template design and construction, to shaping, sanding and finishing, you will end up with a finished project you will be proud to display or give as a gift.Running time: 1hour...
Book - Learn To Burn
Book - Learn To Burn BLTB
Si Easton takes you from basic woodburning concepts to tips and techniques that encourage your creativity and help you develop your own individual style.15 step-by-step projects for making decorative gifts illustrated with clear how-to photographs

DVD - Pen Turning
DVD - Pen Turning PTDVD
A comprehensive DVD covering all you need to know to get you started with the fine detailed art of pen turning.
Book - Pen and Pencil Projects
Book - Pen and Pencil Projects BPPP
165 Pages Whether you prefer classic oak fountain pens or have a weakness for funky acrylic pens, this practical new guide to pen and pencil turning is all you need to get started with this popular craft.Discover the exciting range of materials that can be used - from fine and rare timbers to acrylics and polymer clays there is something to suit all tastes and the possibilities are endless.

DVD - Starting Out Woodturning
DVD - Starting Out Woodturning RSDVDSO
Tool selection, use and care, wood selection and finishing are just some of the topics covered as the viewer is taken through some initial steps in starting out woodturning. It is a must for those who are new to woodturning and are looking for help and guidance. 100 minutes.
DVD - Turning Acrylic Materials
DVD - Turning Acrylic Materials DVDTAM
118 minutes.The most comprehensive DVD on Acrylics to date! ACRYLIC GOLDEN RULE: - USE SHARP TOOLS & LIGHT CUTS! On this DVD, Barry Gross reveals the fun of turning acrylics.He carefully guides you through each step in creating this elegant Cigar style ball point pen from an acrylic pen blank

Book - Pyrography Basics
Book - Pyrography Basics BPB
This book is all that aspiring beginners need and an inexpensive woodburning tool to start adorning wood, leather, paper and more with beautifully burned images and patterns.Includes a thorough introduction to basic tools, materials and techniques.32 pages.
Book - Pyrography Designs
Book - Pyrography Designs BPD1
98 Pages.Detailed step by step illustrations demonstrate how to create new designs from separate elements, with advice on scale and perspective.

Book - Pyrography Step By Step Projects
Book - Pyrography Step By Step Projects BPSBSP
Pyrography, the art of drawing with fire, is an ancient craft practised worldwide. This is a collection of pyrography projects, focusing on the solid point machine, an electrically heated poker tool. It contains projects to create a range of decorated wooden items
Book - Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills
Book - Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills BTSPM
Chris West covers all aspects of turning these useful condiments.30 Projects are rated in order of difficulty, from beginner, through to intermediate and advanced.He makes a mental note of the basic shape, and shows how the same design can be used with either different accessories or means of assembly.Working in this way, he creates unique and quirky designs, which move beyond the traditional shapes...
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