Course - Woodturning
Course - Woodturning WOODTURN
Held at our store in Doncaster, enjoy two days of hands on woodturning with our professional Tutor, Mick Hanbury. This course is suitable for people of all woodturning levels from the very beginner up to the advanced woodturner. Over the two days you will learn how to pick the correct tool for your work, wood selection and basic sharpening. Everything on the day is supplied for you, all you need to...
from £20.00
Spiralling Course
Spiralling Course SPIRALLING
Creating barley twists, spirals, flutes, striations, whorls and orange peel effect has always represented a problem for the woodturner. This course not only overcomes many of these difficulties, but also allows the turner's imagination to run wild as they enter a new field of decoration. Bowls, boxes, goblets, candlesticks and many other projects could all be enhanced once you have mastered this tool....
from £20.00

Course - Pen Turning
Course - Pen Turning PENTURN
Held at our store in Doncaster this is a one day hands on course with our pen turning tutor, Mick Hanbury. No prior knowledge is needed on this course but having done some woodturning is an advantage. The course covers tool and material selection, kit styles, setting out and drilling, mandrel and bushing systems right through to presentation of your finished pen or pencil. Normally, you would make...
from £20.00
Course - Pyrography
Course - Pyrography PYROGRAPHY
Duration: 1 Day Held at our store in Doncaster this is a one day hands on course with our tutor. No prior knowledge is needed just the desire to learn! Learn how to add decorative effects to your work or how to decorate different items to give them a personal touch. You will have the opportunity to use hot wire machines and solid point machines to find which best suits you plus at the end of the course...
from £20.00

Course - Sharpening
Course - Sharpening SHARPENING
Duration: Half Day (3-4 Hours) This course will show you the different equipment on the market to help you sharpen your tools with ease.Our tutor, Mick Hanbury, will show you different techniques to get the best edge on your tools.Fetch a few of your tools along and have a go at sharpening with Mick.The better the edge is on your tools the better your work will be.To top this great course off you will...
Richard Raffan Demonstration FridayRichard Raffan Demonstration Friday
Richard Raffan Demonstration Friday 9000008825
Session 1 - Skew Fit Box - 10am - 11:30am - If you're looking for projects that provide practice for skew chisels and gouges, this demo is for you. It covers a lot of useful basic technical stuff as you see a carver's mallet, light knob, spatula, spinning top, egg, pencil pot, scoop and vase being turned. And you'll learn how to have a catch with a skew chisel or gouge whenever you want. Session 2...

Book - Contemporary Woodturning
Book - Contemporary Woodturning BCWT
This clearly illustrated practical guide to woodturning is aimed at woodworkers at all skill levels.Experienced or a complete novice, this book offers an insight into all aspects of woodturning with step-by-step techniques.14 projects fill this book with detailed photography and instructions.191 pages.
Book - K Rowley Foundation Course Book
Book - K Rowley Foundation Course Book BWFC
168 pages.New projects with stunning colour photographs, coupled with the latest information makes this an even more popular classic.A must have for any woodturner.

Book - Small Woodturning Projects
Book - Small Woodturning Projects BSWP
Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced turner, these practical and fun-to-make small projects are Bonnie Klein "classics" that will ultimately improve your woodturning expertise on any lathe size.Twelve step-by-step projects demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and decorative enhancements, accompanied by full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow instructions.72 pages.
Book - Turned Boxes 40 Designs
Book - Turned Boxes 40 Designs B40TB
Turned Boxes is a must for all keen woodturners. The fantastic projects include designs to suit all levels of ability as well as taste - from simple boxes to more intricate designs incorporating screw threads and exotic timbers. Most of the projects include helpful tips and hints that will help to ensure a perfect result and all projects include detailed instructions along with either step-by-step...

Book - Turned Boxes 50 Designs
Book - Turned Boxes 50 Designs BTB50D
Small boxes are amongst the most attractive and marketable of all turned items. Stott offers 50 projects to practised turners looking for creative ideas to help develop their abilities, using both native and exotic timbers to maximise the striking colours and grain patterns available.
Book - Turned Toys - Mark Baker
Book - Turned Toys - Mark Baker BTTMB
If you have some woodturning experience, now you can create something truly special for family and friends. These beautiful hand-crafted toys are as enjoyable to make as they are to play with. Clear step-by-step instructions, detailed photographs and easy-to-follow diagrams start with simple toys and increase in complexity. Projects are a mixture of pure turned ones and also basic constructs, whereby...

Book - Turning Green Wood
Book - Turning Green Wood BTGW
144 pages.Mick O'Donnell has been turning green wood for over 20 years. His expertise leads you through exciting projects with tips on harvest, storage and best use of green timber.
Book - Turning Hollow Forms
Book - Turning Hollow Forms BTHF
Learn to make beautiful vases and other hollow forms.You'll find in-depth, step-by-step coverage of turning techniques with over 450 clear photos, nearly 50 illustrations, and 7 thrilling projects, presented in order of difficulty.168 pages.

Book - Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills
Book - Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers & Mills BTSPM
Chris West covers all aspects of turning these useful condiments.30 Projects are rated in order of difficulty, from beginner, through to intermediate and advanced.He makes a mental note of the basic shape, and shows how the same design can be used with either different accessories or means of assembly.Working in this way, he creates unique and quirky designs, which move beyond the traditional shapes...
Book - Turning Wood by Richard Raffan
Book - Turning Wood by Richard Raffan BTW
A fully updated and expanded edition of Raffan's 1985 classic book.Covers everything for beginners with a new chapter on hollow vessels.

Book - Wood For Woodturners - Revised Edition
Book - Wood For Woodturners - Revised Edition BWFW2
At last, a guide to wood created specifically for turners--one that will help them understand the raw material they work with and achieve their artistic vision. With beautiful close-up color photos that showcase every grain and figure, it describes in detail 50 of the important woods from around the world, from American Black Walnut to Macassar Ebony, along with sound practical information on their...
Book - Wood Identification - Compact Edition
Book - Wood Identification - Compact Edition BWICE
An indispensable guide to one of the world s most valuable natural resources. This new edition adds 17 important timber species not included before, bringing the list of species described up to 400 in total, in this lavishly illustrated book. A new section illustrates the variety of decorative figuring and there is valuable information on wood defects and potential health hazards. A best-selling reference...

Book - Woodturning Jewellery
Book - Woodturning Jewellery BWJ
Woodturners of all abilities will find plenty to challenge them. This book contains 12 step-by-step projects. The projects include earrings, rings & bangles.This is a highly practical guide to the fascinating craft of turning jewellery from wood. Woodturners of all abilities will find plenty to challenge them in creating these delightful and beautiful adornments. There are twelve step-by-step projects...
Book - Woodturning Projects - Mark Baker
Book - Woodturning Projects - Mark Baker BWPS
192 pages.Mark Baker brings all his skills from the lathe to create this colour step by step guide to the popular shapes in the craft of woodturning.

Book - Woodturning Wizardry by Springett
Book - Woodturning Wizardry by Springett BWW
Revised edition of David's best-seller.Stunning new 3-D illustrations show cutaway views of the work in progress.15 amazing, different projects to create.
Book - Woodturning; A Craftsman Guide by M. Baker
Book - Woodturning; A Craftsman Guide by M. Baker WTACG
This handy book and DVD set are all you need to get started with the rewarding craft of woodturning.Pop on the DVD to see the techniques in action or pick up the book for instruction and ideas wherever you are.Perfect for complete beginners, you will be guided through every stage.Learn everything you need to know, from selecting wood, the basic anatomy of a lathe to work holding, sharpening and using...

Book - Carving Wood Spirits Beyond The Basics
Book - Carving Wood Spirits Beyond The Basics BCWS
Carving Wood spirits: Beyond the Basics is a step-by-step tutorial on how to carve a detailed wood spirit face on a walking stick.Most steps provide expanded knowledge on not only how to make each cut but why.The principles taught in this book can easily be applied to virtually any face carving project, realistic or caricature.This book goes beyond some of the basic face carving instructions taught...
Book - How To Carve A Wood Fellow
Book - How To Carve A Wood Fellow BHCW
40 pages.This book takes you through the process of carving a woodfellow in a Pine knot.Clear and easy to understand text and photographs.
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