Clifton Spare Plane Blade 2.3/8" wide

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These high quality planes are made to exacting standards for today's discerning woodworker. The combination of accuracy and precision allied with attention to finishing details have created a magnificent series of Sheffield-made planes of outstanding craftsmanship using time honoured skills. Each one is both a pleasure to handle and a joy to look at. At the heart of each Clifton Bench Plane lies a hand forged high carbon steel cutting iron, hardened and tempered to 60-62 Rockwell C, to take and more importantly hold a razor sharp edge. \nThe Clifton two piece cap iron is an effective way of reducing cutting iron chatter, even on the toughest of timbers. The extra thickness of the cutting iron and the two piece cap iron gives the cutting edge tremendous support close to the point of cut. The Bedrock design allows adjustments of the frog both forwards and backwards by means of a centrally located screw at the rear of the frog - enabling adjustments to be made without dismantling your cutting iron setting. The accuracy of the Bedrock design allows the cutting edge to be advanced to give a virtual "zero" mouth opening, so allowing the finest of shavings to be taken in even the most difficult of timbers.\nAccuracy - the cutter adjusting wheel engages positively - so no irritating "back-lash". Each Clifton Plane is flat to within 0.003" when it leaves the factory. Each blade is individually checked for hardness. Additional features are precision ground sole and sides, stainless steel screws, dowel pins, lateral adjusting level and a hefty feel. Voted best value for money in "Traditional Woodworking" January 2002. Simply a delight to use!

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